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Upload Rabbit for Facebook Demo Video

Upload Rabbit for Facebook Instructions

Drag-and-drop or right-click to upload
Drag-and-drop, right-click or browse photos or videos from local disks to add to upload queue. What's more, you can also right-click above the Internet photo you like and choose “Upload to Facebook” near bottom of the menu to add to the queue. Then click file names to add descriptions for photos or videos if you do not want their names to be sent along.
You can use the “Ctrl” and “Shift” keys to select photos or videos individually and in groups when select files to add to the queue, or even drag-and-drop the entire folder to upload.

Connect Facebook account
Photos or videos in the queue will be uploaded to Facebook. You will be prompted to log in to Facebook and, if you haven't yet, to allow this App to access your Facebook account.
You will need to add one or more Facebook Profile accounts and select one so the App can place the photos in your Profile account.

Select an album
You can post the photos as your profile picture or just post it on wall, what’s more, you can also put them in an existing album or create a new one. You can also choose who can see your uploads with an photo privacy setting when creating a new album.

When you click the Upload button, Upload Rabbit for Facebook starts to send your images to Facebook. Time it takes depends on the size of uploading photos or videos and you Internet connection.

View on Facebook
After Upload Rabbit for Facebook finished uploading your photos, you can click to see files you have uploaded on Facebook or back to the initial interface and upload more.


Key Features

  • Fast
    Supports for uploading photos & videos directly from your computers to Facebook without logging in via browser.
  • Easy
    Drag-and-drop or right-click! The easiest way to upload single or even an entire folder of photos or videos to Facebook.
  • Powerful
    Create new album, post on wall, change Profile picture, or even switch among multi-accounts--all done within clicks.
  • Amazing
    Find interesting pictures while browsing? Do not hesitate, right-click and share them with your Facebook friends immediately!
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